Company information
Folkem Kft was established in 2000 with the aim to provide comprehensive services in the area of surface finishing to presses operating in the region. We achieved this aim in 2004 after continuous development and equipment investments. From then on gilding, foiling, embossing and UV varnishing sheets printed by the presses became possible at the same place. As a result of the following investments and developments we managed to achieve that all the work phases of the surface finishing of an embossed book cover or bag with dull finish, foiled, gilded, UV varnished can be completed within 24 hours.

We can receive the graphic materials for gilding, embossing and UV varnishing via e-mail, and we provide the photocomposition.
Thank you for taking a look at the activities of our company, we are looking forward to becoming your partner soon.
                                                                           Gyula Pásztor and Sándor Kemecsei
                                                                                    Managing Directors, Owners
Szchenyi 2020 | Eurpai Regionlis Fejlesztsi Alap