Copper engraving and patrix cutting

Routing machine and engraving machine data

Strainer table: GGL-25, precision finish
Size of the strainer table: X=600 mm, Y=500mm with threaded wholes for the vacuum table, and the Look-Up equipment
External dimensions: width: 1500 mm, depth: 1500 mm, height 1900 mm

Lancing tool form grinding machine data

Routing machine knife sharpener unit SOE
  • Operates in an enclosure
  • Integrated drive
  • Built-in dust extractor
  • Axially adjustable grinder spindle
  • Grinding-wheel operates in a confined area

Electro-hydraulic patrix cutter data

Table size: 580 mm X 700 mm
Highest press pressure: 36 kg/cm2
External dimension: 8500 X 960 X 1710 mm

The technology we have implemented for cliché engraving is significantly better in four areas than the milled magnesium clichés:

  • Copper engraving for gilding and embossing in one phase, with embossing elements of different height, in this case the patrix is a dual component synthetic resin cast on a fibre glass carrier
  • Copper mould and copper patrix that can be built in die cutting devices, making it possible to perform die cutting and embossing in one phase
  • Preparing aluminium or copper mould for embossing Braille writing, in this case the height of the aluminium block is already high enough for writing, so it does not have to be stuck on any base, it is important to emphasize that the form and size of the dot is in accordance with the Marburg standards, in this case as well the patrix is usually a dual-component synthetic resin, but it can also be copper; embossing Braille writing has recently gained considerable significance in the production of the packages of medicine.
  • This technology ensures the possibility of perfect reproduction of all tools.
Szchenyi 2020 | Eurpai Regionlis Fejlesztsi Alap